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Cloud Pro logo

Online Cloud

Your hospital is not yet part of our network, no problem! We do not install anything from you, everything is done online! Do not hesitate to register via this link and we will contact you...

World Pro logo

International Network

Our network is global so do not hesitate to join to improve the lives of your patients.

Curve Pro logo

Connect your Patients

Do not hesitate to link together your patients, whether or not bedridden. They will be necessarily affinities to discuss anything other than their everyday worries. And their stay in your hospital will be even more enjoyable...

Voice Pro logo

Online Mailling

Based on the same system as the main social networks, "Hospital Affinity" will also allow you to establish a system of internal communication with your patients.

Mobile Version

Our network is compatible with mobile devices. Even if the patient does not have his computer with him, he can still interact with other patients with his smartphone.

Our Newsletter

Image and Wellness

By bringing your patients through our network will improve the well-being of your patients and your hospital's image. It is also a good tool to communicate with your patients.

Our Tweets

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