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About Us

  • Category: Hôpital Affinité

It allows everyone from out-patients to hospital patients to connect and discover many things they have in common - besides being patients.

Hospital Affinity also allows severely disabled patients who may not be able to leave their room to communicate and share.

Using this tool reduces the feeling of isolation and improves the patient’s well-being and quality of life.

Le réseau social par affinités de patients hospitalisés. Partager vos passions en rencontrant vos voisins de chambres.

Hospital Affinity was created by Julian Artu who suffered a serious car accident in 2011. After being hospitalized for two months and in physical therapy for another three months Julien decided to create a tool that would help humanize a patients hospital experience. He created Hospital Affinity. A first of a kind network enabling patients to share and communicate with each other.

Hospital Affinity is a fun and useful tool for patients.

We hope you enjoy our network… and maybe your hospital stay will be a little more fun!